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This ancient, profound and mysterious Kushite-Kemetic symbol, with distinct African features, is 240 feet long and 66 feet high, with a shoulder span of 38 feet. With multiple interpretations and translated as "Heru of the Horizon," (or so-called Sphinx), it is flanked in the background by other "Horizons," Akhets or "Pyramids" of great Kemetic (Egyptian) Kings, i.e., Khufu, Khafra and Menkaura. According to a recent interpretation, based upon ancient sacred writings or "Pyramid Texts," (circa, 3,200 b.ce.), it was believed that these great kings, upon "death," would be reborn as stars, to rise over the eastern horizon. (Ref: Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert, The Orion Mystery, 1994.) However, as African builders or geniuses in an unprecedented, wholisitc-spiritual, "Old Kingdom" civilization, these great kings were "stars" already in the mundane-sensory world, even before their putative birth as "stars" on the eastern horizon. (Of course, we will not find them etched in stone or concrete on any sidewalk in Hollywood).
Additionally, this mysteriously enduring structure may be interpreted as symbolic of the apparent or relatively superficial or short-term "dual" nature of generic man during his spiritual journey in this mundane world. Therefore, the lower body, the lion, reflects the lower or beastly nature of man, while the head, the Divine-King, reveals his spiritual faculties--his Heru (hero) or inner Divine Self (or Christ-Self in a modern Christian context) that, metaphorically, should transcend his lower beastly nature, perceiving-moving towards greater-higher levels of LIFE. In essence, we are challenged to be wholistic, spiritually oriented-"centered" people (not to be confused with being "religious"), metaphorically, to look beyond the horizon of sensory sight--"For we walk by faith (spiritual insight-intuition-revelation), not by sight (physical-sensory-mundane). (II Corinthians 5:7). Therefore, we are spiritually mandated to build the Kingdom of God, "on earth, as in heaven." Bottom line: Like our great African ancestors, we must become heroes or earthly "stars" before we can become heavenly "stars." Amen!

"When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion"

--Kushite Proverb-


Know your heritage, .... Know your potential"


"Looking Back to Move Forward"


"From Ego to We go"


"The balancing of the land lies in Maat--truth, justice and righteousness"

--The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of ancient Egypt-___________


"Culture is the bed-rock, the final wall against which one leans one's back in a God-forsaken chaos"

--J. C. Powers, The Meaning of Culture--

"The balancing of the land lies in Ma'at--truth, justice and righteousness"

--The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt--