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This profound Kushite-Kemetic symbol of LIFE reflects, theologically-esoterically, the fourth power (among seven) of God; that it goes beyond the "Trinity" of Father (power), Mother (Active Intelligence-Holy Spirit) and Son (Love-Wisdom, or the Divine hero--whether Heru, Krishna, Zoraster or Jesus, etc), who, with the Holy Spirit, "saves" or helps to transform us by example of living/"dying," showing the WAY towards LIFE through Love-Wisdom. Therefore, it reveals Divine LIFE or a manifestation of God through BALANCE or complement alary, in harmonizing apparent or superficial "opposites" in this lower mundane world of illusory "duality"--male-female, light-darkness, good-evil, etc. However, each alleged "opposite" has an element of the other "opposite" within it, e.g., some male in every female and some female in every male--hence, the need for male-female or ethnic-racial "partnerships" or balance where both "sexes" or "races" can become self-transcendent (more spiritual in giving of "self") and, as a by-product, self-actualized or optimizing their-our Divine-human potential.
Unfortunately, our ancient African philosophy or "Deep Thought" (Carruthers, 1995) in promoting LIFE, wholistically, was sadly mis-understood or grossly contorted by some "Johnny-come-lately" European theologians and "scholars." Beginning with the Greek "philosophers"--after over three thousand years of African civilization--and continuing with such "scholars" like Georg Hegel (1770-1831) and Karl Marx (1818-1883), they promoted "dialectics" as a foundation for "Western civilization"--one that was neither totally "Western" nor "civil," but based upon a culture of alienation, including excess individualism, unprecedented greed, social injustices, ignorance and continuous warfare, i.e., man's inhumanity towards man. Alas, Afrocentric people today are "crying out"--"God save us from their 'civilization,' that perpetrated The Destruction of Black Civilization (Williams, 1976), and "The Rape of Africa" (DuBois, 1946).

"When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion"

--Kushite Proverb-


Know your heritage, .... Know your potential"


"Looking Back to Move Forward"


"From Ego to We go"


"The balancing of the land lies in Maat--truth, justice and righteousness"

--The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of ancient Egypt-___________


"Culture is the bed-rock, the final wall against which one leans one's back in a God-forsaken chaos"

--J. C. Powers, The Meaning of Culture--

"The balancing of the land lies in Ma'at--truth, justice and righteousness"

--The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt--