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1. Created the first civilizations worldwide--in Africa, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, etc.
2. Created the first nation in Africa--Ta Seti--with Pharonic government and Divine Kings.
3. Created a wholistic, communal or spiritual culture--discovering and implementing Divine laws, with a value system based upon "Deep Thought" or profound philosophy, including Divine Speech and Good Speech (Carruthers, 1995) -- one that is worthy of emulation:
A. Reverence for God (Monotheism).
B. Tehuti & Maat--spiritual development in a moral culture or community.
C. Generic man and universe perceived primarily as spiritual.
D. Individualism subordinated to communalism
E. Respect for parents and elders.
F. Generosity or assistance to less fortunate.
G. Responsible communal service.
H. Modesty or gentleness in human conduct.
I. Love for wife and children.
J. Abhorrence of greed.
K. Devotion to duty or work.
L. Just or righteous leadership.
M. Balanced or righteous friendships.
N. Social order perceived as extension of Divine order (Maat).
O. Respect for sacrifices and spirits of ancestors.
P. Highest duty of generic man--a god--was to become Godlike.
Q. Rites of passage through evolutionary, developmental stages of life.
4. Created or promoted initial concepts of major religions of the world, including the virgin birth, Divine Savior or hero (Heru-Krishna-Jesus, etc), the judgment and "the word of God," i.e., GOD or Creative Divine Speech (the Maa Kheru, Voice of Truth or Logos) and other sacred writings or Scriptures before any other spiritual writings, including the Holy Bible, were written. For generally, the same basic spiritual principles reflected in sacred writings of the major religions of the world, including the Holy Bible and Koran, ,may be found in ancient Kushite/Kemetic sacred literature or oral traditions. And the Bible, essentially, is an African book; for the origin of the ancient Black Hebrew-Israelites has been traced to ancient Kush-Kemet. Therefore, even the modern-day Christian "Jesus," either historically or mythologically perceived, was-is a Kushite brother. Indeed, the historical Jesus, to the degree that he may be authenticated or "found" by generic man, was a social revolutionary hero who was stoned to death and hanged on a tree. Moreover, the mythological Jesus of the gospels, who was physicaly abused and hanged on a cross, also promoted a revolutionary message of LOVE in a too often corrupt mundane world. Bottom line: A Divine hero promote revolution.
5. Developed astronomical mythology--much of which is reflected or misinterpreted in the Bible as "history"--a solar calendar and the zodiac. (Note: A group of Kushites, the Sabaens, were called "Star-Gazers").
6. Founded Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and were leading rulers in this great nation during four "Golden Ages" of civilization (Hilliard in Egypt Revisited, Van Sertima, Editor, 1989).
7. Created the first university--"Ipet-Isut," the "Holiest of Places"--with the renown so-called "Mystery System" of wholistic development which provided education or civilization to Greeks teachers or "philosophers," who transmitted it to other parts of Europe and which is now grossly distorted-corrupted or misnamed "Western civilization." And this great Wholistic System--the real "Old Time Religion" (Foluke, 1997) which was emasculated by Europeans--is often imitated today by "New-Age" groups, looking erroneously to the "East," in lieu of Africa, for a sound theological foundation; however, our ancient African system has not been duplicated authentically by these groups--or any other group.
Conclusion: "We--The Great Kushites" have a heritage of greatness, spirituality and pride. Hotep (Peace)-Amun-Amen!
*As used by our organization, Kushite is a generic term that we apply to ancient Black civilizations, before the common era--in Africa, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, etc., as documented by multiple scholars (see related link on this site).

"When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion"

--Kushite Proverb-


Know your heritage, .... Know your potential"


"Looking Back to Move Forward"


"From Ego to We go"


"The balancing of the land lies in Maat--truth, justice and righteousness"

--The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of ancient Egypt-___________


"Culture is the bed-rock, the final wall against which one leans one's back in a God-forsaken chaos"

--J. C. Powers, The Meaning of Culture--

"The balancing of the land lies in Ma'at--truth, justice and righteousness"

--The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt--