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Gyasi   The official webpage of Dr. Gyasi Foluke.

Below are descriptions of my current books in print!:




   In The Scoundrel Syndrome, I seek to promote communal-racial healing by confronting the perennial evil of White racism and its 400-year cumulative, ugly by-products--metaphorically the “scar” of racism--including Black “sedimentation” and “kneegroism” in America. Accordingly, I postulate that the ideology-practice of White racism has thrived and, to a lesser degree, continues to thrive, including the failure to correct historic injustices, because a plurality of voters either accept or embrace far too many scoundrels as their leaders—electing or appointing people apparently like themselves, i.e., whose values and viewpoints they share, too often based upon ignorance and/or greed. For scoundrels, a relative-subjective term, are perpetrators  of evil (“Isfet” in the ancient African tradition) who, by definition, fail to “Do The Right Thing”—the title of a movie by Spike Lee. Accordingly and generally, in the context of a racist society, the so-called “good White people,” including genuine radicals and liberals--but excluding pseudo-liberals—are, most often, in the minority in America.  Therefore, I posits that White racism  has run amuck in America, under “an unholy alliance” with kneegroism, and often “hidden” under White nationalism and/or pseudo-patriotism, the latter as a very powerful, if not dominant ideology that has created-perpetuated our present “race mess.” For Blacks are a marginalized-“sedimentized“ out-group in society, being victimized continually by the “Roger B. Taney Syndrome”—relatively disrespected, devalued, circumscribed and stigmatized because of “race.” Additionally, I observe, that Blacks, as a group, psycho-spiritually, are  “a population without a country”--devoid a “home” or national “belonging”-acceptance in America—a challenge to the Two Nations (1993) thesis of Professor  Andrew Hacker.

In essence, this book of fifty essays—including two by spiritually beautiful White writers--is an extension of my first book, The Real-Holocaust: A Wholistic Analysis of the African American Experience, 1441-1994 (1995), including about fifty years of my life-long work for wholistic--spirit, mind, body—development, with a special focus on Black liberation or “Seven Dimensions of Freedom.” Indeed, this book includes a series of inherently controversial essays, such as “Scoundrels in the Pulpit,” “The South Won the Civil War,” “Africans Not White Jews Wrote the Bible,” “Journey to Ghana” and an illustrated “Hall of Shame” of specifically identified scoundrels. And since The Scoundrel Syndrome is perceived as the major “demon,” underlying the chronic “race problem” in America, with deep roots in the “Secular Trinity” (money, power and sex), I believe that America can never become a more viable-healthy society, based upon “Maat”—truth, justice, balance, Divine order and righteousness—until it confronts and discards, honestly, its demonic scoundrel syndrome, including the bogeyman of racial “quotas.”  I further advocate communal healing, through specific measures for Black self-help-mobilization and a governmental formula (federal, state and local) for “Contingency Reparations”—repairing incalculable, underestimated damages inflicted upon Black Americans that also has afflicted or racially poisoned the soul of this nation.

Finally, I provide a brief narrative outline of his nontraditional Theology of Liberation, including three aspects-concepts of Jesus, that sometimes embraces and transcends traditional religions. I believe that we are Divinely challenged to promote a wholistic-prophetic mandate to “let justice run down as waters and righteousness as a mighty stream”--building the Kingdom of God “on earth, as in heaven.”

Hotep (Peace)!

The cost for this book is  Soft cover:  $24.95     Hard cover  $29.95* Phone:  704 391 8505    E-mail:


          “No one ever frees a slave; a slave must free himself.”

                                   --Martin Delaney—






 The Real-Holocaust   Gyasi A. Foluke, a very timely, uncompromising book, confronts, head-on, the explosive issue of race--"the great divide"--in America. Generally, suppressed by the major media, it addresses the unique Black experience, from 1441-1995 (with Postscript), the present era of racial "sedimentation."
A wholistic advocacy polemic (about 500 pages) on multiple topics, it provides both perceptive analyses and prescriptions for remedial action--organized under, or depicted as, "The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson." The author, Gyasi A. Foluke (Jar-see Fo-low-key) argues that the chronic race problem dividing this nation will never be resolved until most Americans realize, and successfully confront, the unprecedented damage--physical, mental, and emotional--oppression has imposed upon African people and their progeny in America. He argues further that oppression has created a fundamental schism between Black and White Americans--the denial of genuine nationhood to Africans in America who constitute, psycho-spiritually, "a population without a country." Foluke bases his arguments on years of experience, spiritual intuition and painstaking research. And he recommends wholism or the promotion of spirit, mind and body, for all of our citizens--including a "cooperative commonwealth" and a concept of "contingency reparations" for African Americans--based upon ancient African concepts of "Tehuti and Maat," connoting a well-ordered and balanced society. The result is a theory of liberation and philosophy of change crucial to the advocacy of justice during these confrontational times. Civil rights activists, Black Studies majors and all others interested in the capability of humankind to overcome obstacles to achieve harmony, must not miss
The Real-Holocaust.
$24.95, plus S&H
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Call or contact The Kushite Institute For Wholistic Development
Phone: 704 391-8505 E-mail:
"You do not teach an old gorilla the path through the forest."
--African Proverb--
"Let me give you a word on the philosophy of reform. Where there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightening; they want the ocean without the awful roar of its water…Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those they oppress."





"Those who control the education of our children control our future."   --Julius Nyerere--         

"National leaders can blather all day long about lifting America's educational standards and performances, but the hard question centers on government's willingness to equalize the underclass's  resources. . .It will take more than money to turn out an educated citizen, but the current maldistribution of resources ensures the underclass's failure."
--Anthony Bouza--

"Those who do not treat you right cannot be expected to teach you right."
Elijah Muhammad--

This perceptive and powerful book--over 330 pages and 35 illustrations--addresses, head on, the protracted, ongoing crisis and challenge of Black mis-education in America, with a major focus on the secondary public school system. And the basic premise of the author is that African people in America must gain greater control over their education. For the present system of mis-education, often imperceptibly, is destroying Black students and, by extension, the Black community through  "mentacide"-genocide (Wright, 1985) that leads, inexorably or by definition, to the elimination of Black ethnicity in America.
After a brief historical overview of "education," beginning with chattel slavery, the author examines the desegregation-"re-segregation" record since the Brown decision of 1954. Accordingly, he reviews many educational factors--test scores, the Euro-centric curriculum, student "tracking," behavior violations, the predominance of White teachers and related system features--in the context of alleged Black student under-achievement under two ideological mindsets, the "system deficit" and the "victim deficit" models.  Subsequently, he analyzes multiple underlying causes of alleged Black under-achievement--the critically important "Polyglot Factor" or the failure to recognize the uniqueness of "the Black experience" in developing educational strategies, Black socioeconomic conditions, a racist political hierarchy at all levels of government, unequal school funding, mis-educated Black or "kneegro" professionals who become "paycheck slaves" (Porter, 1997), inadequate professional development-training for teachers, especially in relation to Black heritage-culture, low teacher-administrator expectations, the misuse of drugs on students (including Ritalin) and multiple other factors.
The author also confronts the enormous damage caused by mis-education, including a national "race mess," its major negative impact on Blacks and on wholistic--spirit, mind, body--development in the larger society.  Accordingly, he examines such issues as the loss of history-collective memory or identity, the internalization of White racism, imitation of the oppressor, the "White savior complex," the "illusion of inclusion," the "Willie Lynch Factor," "White dependence," and several "syndromes" that impact negatively upon us. 
In a most powerful chapter, the author provides vivid testimony, by professionals and students, on a FAILED system of mis-education. While addressing the prevailing Euro-centric "testing mania," he also provides a 60-question "Chitlin Test" on African American History-Culture--challenging both teachers and administrators to pass this Afro-centric test.  Moreover, in the context of mis-education, he confronts the prevailing, explosive issue of protracted racist terrorism in the context of the September 11th attack on America--providing a more balanced perspective on terrorism.
Finally, the author offers a "two-tract" strategy of recommendations, including "Contingency Reparations" under the postulate that it is impossible to "cure" public education in the absence of resolving the "race mess" in society.  On "track one"--system reform--he proposes a synthesis of two failed system--the old segregated model and the present "desegregated"-"re-segregated" model. And on "track two"--an internal "cultural revolution"--he proposes MUCH greater "self-help" within the Black America, including better use of existing institutions, while building new
ones. Bottom line: Blacks must take the lead in "overcoming" system acculturation or marginalized-"sedimentation," as promoted through public education, while obtaining Black parity or liberation through "Seven Dimensions of Freedom"--spiritual, mental, economic, etc.--en-route to achieving greater Black dignity and the "beloved community."        Gyasi A. Foluke, 2001

Gye Nyame (Ghana) Translation:
No harm can come to us except that which is permitted by Go













"When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion"

--Kushite Proverb-


Know your heritage, .... Know your potential"


"Looking Back to Move Forward"


"From Ego to We go"


"The balancing of the land lies in Maat--truth, justice and righteousness"

--The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of ancient Egypt-___________


"Culture is the bed-rock, the final wall against which one leans one's back in a God-forsaken chaos"

--J. C. Powers, The Meaning of Culture--

"The balancing of the land lies in Ma'at--truth, justice and righteousness"

--The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt--